Canopies & Pergolas

Create a beautiful feature for your home and garden with our canopies and pergolas.

Wherever you install our canopies, you can be sure they will not only keep your home cool, but protect your carpet and furnishings from the fading effects of the sun.

Their versatile design even makes them suitable for upper floor windows and where space is too limited for a retractable awning.

Offering you extra outdoor living space outdoors.  Welcoming lounge to relax with friends and family, sheltered playroom.  It can adapt to your lifestyle. We have had many clients use the are for their hot tubs/swim spas  and even a covered gym area.

They can be free standing, sith solar shading, LED which all combines to make a fabulous atmosphere, plus added heading and audio elements. 


Renson Outdoor is a worldwide pioneer and trendsetter in outdoor living concepts.

All their patio covers, carports, facade elements and garden elements blend in with the same look & feel and are characterized by their durability, comfort and supreme quality.

Renson excels at constant innovation which makes its garden concepts the world’s top products for outdoor living.

This means that when you choose Renson Outdoor, you are choosing a top-quality design that you can continue all around your home.

In this way, you can create the ideal atmosphere so that you can enjoy life outdoors all year round.

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