Patio Roofs

The Weinor roof WeiTop Terazza provides protection to allow you to use your patio in any weather.

Enjoy your garden until well into autumn – Weinor’s Terrazza patio roof will keep you well sheltered from the wind and other elements. And your patio furniture can remain outside without being damaged. The appeal of Weinor’s patio roof is its elegant construction, attractively shaped design and high durability. With numerous versions available, it is also very suited to many different types of houses and requirements.

If installed in conjunction with the Weinor awnings, WGM Sottezza or WGM Cabezza, you can enjoy a nice shady place on sunny days.

Sturdy aluminium construction – safety-tested in every way
Weinor patio roofs stand out for their exceptional stability and durability. These durable constructions are based on static calculations run by a certified engineering company. 

Variable water outlet
The post design makes it possible to individually adapt the height of the water outlet during the assembly on site. 

Modular system
The extension of the Terrazza patio roof into a Weinor Glasoase® with all-glass glazing elements is really simple, even afterwards.

Patio Roofs Image
Patio Roofs Image